Palm Angels with Broken Bear Doll Hoodie Palm Angels Bear Hoodie

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The Palm Angels with Broken Bear Doll Hoodie is not only made of soft materials but also fashionable and breathable. Our Palm Angels with Broken Bear Doll Hoodie is easy to match all your dressing looks. This outfit is perfect for pairing with matching sweatpants.

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Palm Angels Hoodie - Your Perfect Hoodie

You are visiting Palm Angels Hoodie Store! What you can get here? Don’t leave! Let me tell you. We have made a wide range of Palm Angels Hoodies and they are of good quality. What do you want? A Palm Angels Hoodie? A Palm Angels Bear Hoodie? A Vlone Palm Angels Hoodie? Or a White Palm Angels Hoodie? Of course, we also have other Palm Angels Hoodies. Just click our navigation bar and choose your favorite Palm Angels Hoodie!


The Story of Palm Angels

The original Palm Angels was not the clothing brand we know today. Instead, it is a video record of the skateboarding culture of the Los Angeles skateboarders. Francesco Ragazzi released an album called Palm Angles in 2014. The photo shows a blond boy skateboarding in a place surrounded by palm trees. At that moment he thought Skate Boy was like an angel. So the name Palm Angels was born naturally.


Palm Angles isn't exactly a clothing brand. It has formed its own style in the street and fashion. Surreal style. Prints, bold color contrast and alternative cuts are all Palm Angels signatures. Whether it is on a T-shirt hoodie jacket, large-area gothic font printing often brings a strong visual impact.


Ripped Bear

As a classic of Palm Angels, it will attract the attention of all kinds of hipsters as soon as it is launched. Different from the cute teddy bear style in the hearts of people in the past. The devastated toy is full of alternatives.


Classic Palm Angels Bear Hoodie

The ripped bear is a classic Palm Angels logo. The name can also sound scary, but it's sure to be cute when you see the pattern. You will be deeply attracted by the cute ripped bear. The Palm Angels Ripped Bear hoodie in our store is pure color, soft and breathable. Will definitely add points to the cute ripped bear. Once you have one of our Palm Angels Bear Hoodie, you're sure to want more.


3 Ways to Match A Hoodie

1.Hoodie + Plaid skirt

This combination is layered and stylish. The beige hoodie, this color, is versatile and attractive, and it is not very picky. It seems that anyone who wears it is very gentle.

The bottoms can match with a mid-length plaid skirt and chunky-heeled short boots, which are full of elegance. In spring, this is a good way to go shopping and go to work. It will definitely attract a lot of people.


2.Hoodie + Shawl

Regarding how to wear a hoodie, there are really many tricks. But only what really suits you is the best. The "small shawl" wearing method is very popular this year, which increases the sense of hierarchy and is fashionable and chic.


Sky blue hoodie, this color is very fair to the skin. It is recommended to wear a white bottoming t-shirt inside, and the hem of the t-shirt should be exposed to create a sense of hierarchy, so that it will not appear monotonous.


Then, pair it with a pale yellow shawl. Light yellow and sky blue go well together. It is a very gentle color scheme, which makes the whole person look very girly.


3.Hoodie + Straight Pants

Whether it's a solid-color hoodie or a striped hoodie, it looks great with straight-leg pants. The version of the hoodie is loose, the comfort is excellent, and the upper body is very thin. The denim straight-leg pants with the lower body are very good for creating a youthful girl style.


When choosing straight-leg pants, it is recommended to choose the appropriate length according to your height. Long straight-leg trousers, roll up the trousers a few times, which can elongate the legs and make them taller and thinner.


Palm Angels Hoodie Make Your Everyday Perfect